Welcome to College!

Goals    This site is dedicated to assisting the New or returning student at FTCC.  This webpage provides quick links to everything you will need to get started and be successful in your first term.  In addition to accessing your advisor, you can also access information and resources to help you get comfortable at FTCC.

The mission of the Office of Counseling and Advising Services is to promote student development and success by:

  • Fostering the development of academic, career, and personal goals and plans
  • Teaching students the College’s academic requirements, policies, and resources
  • Fostering involvement with the curricular and co-curricular life of the College
  • Helping students gain an appreciation for education and lifelong learning

Academic Advisors in the Office of Advising Services provide students with information and advisement related to course and program requirements; curricular offerings; college procedures, regulations, and policies; and personal concerns. The Advising web site complements the efforts of the advisors by presenting current advisement information online. In most cases, the site will answer your general questions, at your convenience.

Advising appointments and “walk-in” hours are available. To check availability or to schedule an appointment, please call your assigned advisors or call (910) 678-0036 for assistance. The next step it to Click here to Get Started!